Simadre Plasma Cutters

Cutting metals precisely on the mark is typically a long and tedious process to master, especially when you have an average cutting tool. When you have the best plasma cutter, however, you will certainly realize how easy and enjoyable it can be. In fact, you can cut your metals all day long without worrying about excessive fatigue. With it, you don’t have to deal with the physically exhaustive processes of cutting metal with a saw or grinder.

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A good plasma cutter makes all the sweat, waste of time, and physical exhaustion melt away. I recently got myself one at my workshop and things are never the same again. After going through various Simadre plasma cutter reviews, I picked several top Simadre plasma cutters that would be ideal for you.


Simadre Plasma Cutter Reviews

1. Simadre 5200DX Plasma Cutter Review


Editor’s Rating:” alt=”5 out of 5 stars” />

  • 29 Pounds
  • $

When you are cutting with this plasma cutter model from Simadre, you not only save your energy but also have an easy time reaching the tight corners and spaces of your project. Simadre 5200DX is a reliable and energy efficient plasma cutter that comes with an advanced MOS/IGT inverter technology. According to Simadre welder reviews, this model is easy to use when welding in tight spaces, and it comes with a flexible TIG torch that is equipped with both long and short back caps.


The 50-amps plasma cutter features a pre-flow time as well as post gas time control that allows you to adjust the gas that blows out of the torch to give you a clear and precise cut. With the down slop, you will cut your stainless steel with much enthusiasm. At 50 pounds, however, the cutter is too heavy to carry around often. As such it comes with longer cables to allow you to move within your workshop freely.

If you are in need of a professional plasma cutter that is reliable with up to 85 percent efficiency rating, then this might be your best choice. However, you must be willing to pay for more since it might prove to be a bit expensive.




2. Simadre Titan 5200Di Plasma Cutter Review

Editor’s Rating:” alt=”5 out of 5 stars” />

  • 45 Pounds
  • $

This is the latest plasma cutter model from Simadre that is not only affordable but comes with great performance to any professional welder. This 50-amp machine is suitable for cutting copper, aluminum, iron, stainless steel among other metal types.


One of the things that I liked most when testing this plasma cutter is its compactness, which makes it slightly portable despite weighing 45 pounds. It also features a highly effective and low consumption that makes it very reliable. It comes with a large cooling fan that efficiently cools it, thus allowing you more time to cut metals.

The fact that it is thermostatically protected gives it a longer life span besides being strong and reliable. If you want a high cutting frequency plasma cutter, then this is the ideal machine for you. It comes fitted with advanced IGBT inverter technology that makes metal cutting easy and enjoyable. It is a great machine that comes at a great price!


3. Simadre IGBT 50RX Plasma Cutter Review

Editor’s Rating:” alt=”4.5 out of 5 stars” />

  • 30 Pounds
  • $

This is yet another Simadre model that features the latest in plasma cutter technology. One thing you realize once you get hold of this machine is how lightweight it is. At just 20 pounds, this unit is absolutely half of what the first two models we have reviewed weigh and certainly ranks top in Simadre welder reviews. As a result, you can gladly move with this unit to wherever your jobs take you.

It features an advanced IGBT inverter technology that is efficient at saving energy, thereby protecting the environment. It is fan-cooled with automatic protection against over-current and over-voltage.

Once you get down to cutting your metal material, you will definitely appreciate its cutting ability because it cuts without curliness. Moreover, it cuts continuously. With it, you can cut steel, plating steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and any type of metal plates.

This 50-amp plasma cutter comes with complete accessories, which means that it will just work right from the moment you unbox it. Best of all, this plasma cutting unit is amazingly affordable and its performance surpasses that of many well-known American brands.




4. Simadre 520DP Plasma Cutter Review 


Editor’s Rating:” alt=”4 out of 5 stars” />

  • 32 Pounds
  • $$

If budget isn’t a problem, then this might be the plasma cutter you won’t mind having in your workshop. It features advanced inverter technology, which means that it delivers a high cutting and welding performance.

It comes with the newest semiconductor circuits that are amazingly well-designed. If you take great care of it, you will enjoy unrivalled performance from the cutter for many years without any problems. This Simadre plasma cutter operates in both 50 and 60 HZ with an air pressure of 70 psi. It comes fitted with an automatic sensing feature for incoming power source voltage and frequency of 120V/240V – 50/60HZ.

At 35 pounds, this machine is relatively portable as compared to some Simadre models in the market. As such, this unit can be moved though not too far away.

This machine is equipped with a large cooling fan for preventing overheating while it is thermostatically protected for durability. This unit comes with a 200-amp Tig torch and a 200-amp Arc/MMA welder. The Tig Welder features a 5/16” weld thickness and a relatively high-frequency non-contact start. On the other hand, the Arc/MMA has a 3/16” weld thickness.

If you want a high-performing plasma cutter that comes with the much-needed accessories and free consumables that you can trust, this might be the machine you want!




5. Simadre 80sp Plasma Cutter Review

Editor’s Rating:” alt=”4 out of 5 stars” />

  • 32 Pounds
  • $$

This is probably one of the most expensive Simadre plasma cutters yet very efficient in cutting metals. It comfortably operates on both 50 and 60 HZ. Moreover, Simadre 80sp Pilot Arc works on a single voltage phase of 230V setting.

This 80-amp plasma cutter weighs approximately 52 pounds, thus making it quite heavy. As a result, this isn’t your type of cutter if you want an easy to carry plasma cutter.

It features a P-80 pilot arc plasma cutting torch that cuts stainless steel, iron, copper, steel, and aluminum among other metals without a hassle. When it comes to performance, this unit is a giant. It cuts metals with high efficiency of up to 85 percent. This plasma cutter comes with a host of accessories like power pilot arc plasma cutting torch, ground clamp, hose clamp, air regulator, and an operation manual.

With the 80-amp power, you can easily cut through a thick metal plate in a matter of seconds. If you have this unit in your workshop, it’s no doubt that you’ll like it because of its easy to operate features and excellent cutting surface.


6. Simadre 60sp Plasma Cutter Review

Editor’s Rating:” alt=”4 out of 5 stars” />

  • 46 Pounds
  • $$

This is yet another high-end plasma cutter from Simadre that is designed and constructed with high reliability and high performance in mind. It comes with a power AG-60 pilot arc torch with Adopt inverter switching control technology.

It comes with a 220V power source that is anti-static and anti-corrosive. This 60-amp Simadre plasma cutter cuts through thick metals like iron, carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and copper among other types of metal.

Even though this unit is quite expensive, it is easy to operate. Its excellent cutting surface makes cutting metals an easy task. It weighs approximately 46 pounds, making it a bit heavy hence not portable.

This plasma cutter comes with a host of accessories that include a ground clamp, a hose clamp, a power pilot arc plasma cutting torch, an air regulator, and an operation manual. As such, you can simply start cutting metal right away once you receive the device!