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6 Plasma Cutting Tips That Can Make You Invincible!

Plasma cutting is a popular procedure that is best known for its ability to cut through steel, aluminum or any other metals. This method of cutting has been around since the early days of industrial revolution and has been used ever since.

Plasma cutting machines have changed over time to include more features and become more efficient in their work. Plasma tube is connected to the plasma torch which creates a source of electricity that ionizes gas as it flows from one side of the tube to another thus creating plasma.

Plasma cutter works by heating material until it becomes red hot then passes over an oxygen stream which creates plasma with a temperature of 6800 degree Celsius to cut objects.

Plasma is produced via two electrodes that have an electric potential between them then when material touches the tip it becomes pure white hot and starts melting rapidly then it is further melted by oxygen stream creating plasma.


Plasma cutting tips say you should start off on low amperage and gradually increase it if you are working on non-conventional materials.

A base material is placed on top of a table while a piece of metal is also placed on the table with sufficient space in between them so that oxygen can flow freely during air cooling process.

Plasma cutter has a great capacity for cutting any conductive material and it can also be used to cut non-conductive objects but at a slower rate. Plasma cutters have a minimum set of features including air inlet, compressor and generator, plasma torch head, table with work clamping system and exhaust system.

However there are some tips that are worth noting especially if you want good results from plasma cutting.


These Plasma Cutting Tips Can Make You Invincible!

1. Always use original gas mix nozzle: The gas mix nozzle is an attachment that is connected to the back end of the torch head which helps in the production of plasma when injected in a stream. Plasma cutting tips say that always use original gas mix nozzle if you want to get good results from the torch.

2. Always use oxygen-acetylene mix: Plasma cutting tips describe this process as very important especially if you want clean end results. Plasma cutters can be used with other gases like carbon dioxide however it will produce different quality of end product which is normally inferior to those produced by oxygen and acetylene mix.

3. Pay close attention to air pressure: Plasma cutting tips recommend having more than 50psi (pounds per square inch) air source else there might be a reduction in plasma temperature and thus affecting its ability for good cuts. There are machines that have self regulating feature for this and that is what you should look out for.

4. Use variable speed drive: Plasma cutting tips describe a plasma torch head as good conductor of heat thus it must be cooled down after each cut to avoid damaging the cutting machine. Plasma torches have air extraction system that cools them down and also blows away dust particles created during the course of plasma cutting. Plasma cutters usually come with a cooling fan but if yours don’t then ensure you always use one when working on cuts. Plasma torches also need regular cleaning using low pressure compressed air otherwise they might clog up due to accumulation of dirt particles.

5. Get an anti-spatter shield: Plasma cutting tips recommend always wearing an anti-spattering shield while working on plasma cutting to help reduce risk of eye injuries. Plasma torches are known to cause sparks from its electrode that might fly off at a high speed and injure anyone around this area thus the anti-spattering shield helps in protecting surrounding people or objects.

6. Always use gloves: Plasma cutting tips describe plasma torch as having temperature that can go up to 3500 degree Celsius thus you should always wear protective gloves when handling it. Plasma torch head usually gets very hot before, during or after each cut thus there is need for cooling off period which involves blowing through compressed air system from behind the work table along with placement of a fan above the torch head for more effective cooling .

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